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Sunday, September 5, 2010

begini jadi nya KALAU PEMILIK & PEMBELI TANAH ngga ada kata SEPAKAT gan !!

The owner of a shop refused to sell his land to a big shopping center.
The latter did not wait for the problem to be resolved and started the construction. First, they dug a huge hole ...

ketika si PEMILIK TANAH keukeuh ngga mau JUAL TANAH nya ???

ini dia akibat dan ULAH sang kontraktor ... hehee

di URUG tuh tanah sekitar nya yang udah kebeli ..........

The second incident is also very interesting. Another shopping mall had to be built to replace an apartment complex, but one resident of the building refused to leave her home.

The construction company has solved this problem in its own way. As we see in China, they are not very delicate with people...

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